Kids Church

We have 3 different class rooms in our Kids Church program. The preschool room for children ages 3 and 4, the kindergarten to grade 2 class room and the grade 3 to 5 class room. 
At coffee break, the kids are dismissed to their class rooms. Before your child can enter the room, please check them in at the sign-in table in the foyer. You can do this before the service or when the kids are dismissed. This is to ensure your child’s safety. You will receive a numbered card, which corresponds to the numbered name sticker your child receives. The matching numbers are used to identify parents at the end of the service. The adult and the child’s label number must match in order for the child to be released. This ensures children arrive and exit the program with the same adult.
Please note, we give our volunteers a break for the summer and do not have Kids Church during July and August. 


The preschool room is a place where children ages 3 to 5 can play with a friends and learn about Jesus. We start by playing with a variety of toys. Then we clean-up the toys and have story time. We focus on teaching short stories about God’s love and how He created us. We end our time by doing a craft or colouring page together. 

Kindergarten to Grade 2

The kindergarten to grade 2 class room is a place where students will have fun together, build friendships and learn about who God is and how much He loves us. These students will have a time of teaching, asking questions and having fun together by playing a game, doing a craft or colouring. 

Grade 3 to 5

In the grade 3 to 5 room, students will learn more in-depth about the Bible and God’s love for us through it. It’s very interactive and the students are encouraged to ask questions and participate. They will talk about how the bible story principals apply to their lives. It’s a space to learn and grow, but also a place to build friendships and have fun with games or brain teasers.