Olympians is a weekly program which runs on Tuesday nights from 6:30 – 8:00 pm from October to Apeil. It’s a high energy place where we sing songs, play games, have a snack, hear a lesson from the Bible and break out in to small groups. Our Olympians also get a Quiet Time book which has a bible reading and an age appropriate activity for each day of the year. The Quiet Time book also includes memory verses for the students to learn and Christian services for the kids to complete. The students work on these disciplines as children and our hope is they continue them as adults, because of their love for God. They also run the race to win a prize. At the end of the season we have a celebration ceremony and hand out bronze, silver and gold awards to those kids who have worked hard and completed the requirements. 

Olympians small groups and Quiet Time books are splits into three age groups:

Challengers: Grades 1-2

Conquerors:  Grades 3-4

Champions:  Grades 5-6

The registration is $25 per child and includes a Quiet Time book. All kids grade 1-6 are welcome. For more information, please contact our church office.