Toddler Room

Our toddler room provides childcare for children crawling to 2 years old, during the Sunday morning service. The toddler room is available part way through the service starting at coffee break time, and is a room full of toys and friends. Our trained volunteers ensure each child has fun and stays safe.  

Before dropping off your child, please sign them in at the sign-in table in the foyer. This is to ensure your child’s safety. You will receive a numbered card, which corresponds to the numbered name sticker your child receives. The matching numbers are used to identify parents at the end of the service. The adult and the child’s label number must match in order for the child to be released. This ensures children arrive and exit the program with the same adult.

Please note, we give our volunteers a break for July and August. You may still use the room during those months, but please plan to stay with your child in the room.