May 20, 2020

Hello everyone! I trust that your week is going well. It is going well for Trish and myself, it is a trying time with the lockdown and how it effects the church. It appears that the lockdown will be easing a bit.

We will be meeting again at the church building. We are limited to around 30 people, at the writing of this blog. I will be taking part in a conference call with Premier Kenney, Thursday evening May 21st. I will be one of many church leaders in Alberta. It is to be a sharing and question time. I believe that it is genuinely nice of him to offer such a time.

This Sunday May 24th we will be having a 9:30am service and a 10:30am service. If you are coming, please be a couple of minutes early. The 9:30 service will need to leave at the conclusion of the service so that those coming for the 10:30 service will not put us over the allowed number. I will not be turning anyone away from the church if, in fact, we go a couple of people over 30. I might add, neither were Greg or Darcy, it would be sad to turn someone away from hearing the Word. We do not know the need of their heart. But we are not planning on being over 30 – 35 people on purpose. Also, when the limits are lifted, we will be going back to one service, until such time as we grow and have need of the second morning service.

Now on to better things, it has been an amazing time as far as weather goes for me! I do enjoy the cool days and I love the rain! I am already looking forward to the Fall. It is my favourite time of year! I am excited to start seeing our church folks again! Trish and I have longed to be able to connect with you all. Now it looks like we can start that process!

God is good to us, all the time! Do your best to continue to pray for God’s blessing on the church! Try hard to be in the Word daily, allow Him to talk to you, through the Word. Pray for one another!

May the love and grace of God abound in your lives,