October 1, 2020

Hello everyone!
I hope that your week is going well. I also hope that you are enjoying the weather as we have brisk mornings! Its my favorite time of the year.
I will be starting a Series of messages on some basis Bible/Baptist Doctrines it will be a 12-week series. Dealing with, How you can be saved and know it, How to be sure that you have Eternal Security 2 parts, How to come back when you are down. Those are the first four in the series. It should be a great series to help people who are just not sure about what the Bible says about these things.
I see much confusion in Baptist churches today and have for some time now. I started pastoring a Baptist church in 1984, it was one that I started in Connecticut. My very first church was in 1982 and was a Bible Church. So, I have been at this for some time now. In that time, I have observed a slow drift by Baptists to the left/world. We have started being like other Denominational churches and even more like the world. To the point that some have even taken Baptist out of their name, they say to be able to reach more people. I just laugh at that reasoning, if the people inside the building are not different, changing the name will not help one bit.
Baptists have always stood for something, the Bible! Now we have more of the world and less of the Bible in our services. We have compromised the Scriptures for worldly popularity. Some have gone so far as to ordain women, hire non-Baptists as pastors, allow any kind of teaching into our churches. Baptists are not charismatics; we do not believe in the modern day charismatic “gifts”. Read 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, with special emphasis on verses 8-13.
Nor do we believe in losing your salvation or walking away from it! Read John 3:15-16; John 10:28; Romans 8:35-39. Jesus did not die to give us “temporary” life, He died so that we could have “eternal” life. This is a solid fact of salvation. I will be preaching on this in the coming weeks. Come listen, take notes, and ask me after the service whatever questions you like.
The first three, prophecy, tongues, and knowledge, were establishing gifts of the church, verse 8 says that these first three will, fail, cease, vanish away. Then in verse 13 they are to be replaced by Faith, Hope and Charity/Love. These are perpetuating (to continue indefinitely, preserve) gifts of the church. They will take us on to eternity. This has been the Baptist belief since Baptists began. But there are some who want to rewrite Bible/Baptist doctrine. Others teach that you can lose our salvation, when Christ said that it is a done deal until you reach glory. Some would take Scripture out of context to try to show that you can either lose or walk away from salvation. Which would render eternal life mute. It would be “until you lose it or walk away from it life.”
So, the series should be eye opener for some and maybe bone of contention for others. Either way it will be Biblical and exciting! I am looking forward to it!
More next time…